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Ellyn Brunskill

Licensee Salesperson

As a seasoned real estate professional, Ellyn's approach is marked by an exceptional blend of admirable values and qualities that set her apart.

Ellyn's journey is distinguished by her extensive background in business ownership and financial management, spanning a dynamic 25 years. Her acumen, attention to detail, negotiating style and strategy in these areas provides clients with an invaluable edge when navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.

What truly defines Ellyn is her vibrant and approachable personality. She infuses every interaction with a sense of fun and positivity, creating an environment where clients feel not only valued but also at ease. Honesty is her guiding principle, and she thoughtfully handles every deal with unwavering integrity.  Delivering the best service to all clients, with a sense of ease and enjoyment, have been common feedback from vendors and purchasers.

Loyalty runs deep in Ellyn's veins, as she views her clients as more than just business relationships – nurturing long term relationships are her top priority. Her thoroughness ensures no detail is overlooked, and every client's needs and aspirations are meticulously addressed.  

As Ellyn thoroughly enjoys the real estate arena, clients can expect a genuine advocate who not only understands the intricacies of the market but also places their best interests at the forefront of every endeavor. With her by your side, you'll not only gain a real estate agent but a trusted partner committed to achieving your goals.

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