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Jerandy Stegeman

Licensee Salesperson / Associate to Patrick Stegeman

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Growing up in a large family with parents who taught there was no such thing as a free lunch instilled in Jerandy a strong work ethic from an early age.  Even as a youngster he was always on the lookout for business opportunities to expand his meagre budget.

Upon arrival in NZ from his native Netherlands while still in his teens, Jerandy started his own window-washing business.  Through this humble venture he discovered some universal truths about business.  Charge a fair price for a timely, quality service.  Be ruthlessly honest even if it means incurring a loss and treat every customer as though they were a walking talking billboard.

Following a working holiday through Europe Jerandy returned to NZ and started working for his father, award-winning Patrick Stegeman undertaking marketing and administrative management.

Jerandy has quickly demonstrated a natural aptitude for the real estate industry coupled with a natural savvy for marketing where he organises and uploads walk-thru video and photographs across multi-media platforms for his father’s listings.

Properties were targeted to specific buyer demographics using appropriate device-based or print media resulting in high levels of inquiry facilitating high attendance at open homes that convert sales.

The results speak for themselves with the Stegeman duo achieving some of the Bay’s most impressive outcomes after minimal days on market.

Jerandy has now obtained his own real estate licence and looks forward to formulating a campaign that connects your property with the most appropriate buyer to achieve the best possible result on sale day.

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