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Liam Roberts

Licensee Salesperson | Client Care

Liam Roberts, a fresh face and rising star in real estate, is driven by a simple yet powerful desire: to witness the joy of people finding their dream homes or settling into new beginnings. He thrives on that exhilarating "we did it" feeling, not just for himself but for everyone involved. With a mission to reshape perceptions, Liam aims to build genuine relationships and prove that not all agents fit the stereotype. 

 Born and raised in Tauranga, Liam is a true local. Grounded with strong values from his Māori culture, he is passionate about the community and dedicated to providing a personalized service that goes beyond traditional real estate transactions. His career journey into real estate began unexpectedly when, at an open home with his family, he was captivated by the agent's role. Opting for a direct impact path after high school, Liam’s ambition led him to obtain his salesperson's license, bypassing university to dive straight into his passion and launch his own business. 

 Liam's personality is a vibrant mix of ambition, empathy, and genuine connection. He thrives on trying new things and finds satisfaction in spreading happiness and positivity. Naturally aligned to his heritage, Liam’s ethos revolves around teamwork and collective victories, cherishing the opportunity to win alongside others. In his role as a real estate agent, Liam's primary objective is clear: to guide clients through their journey smoothly, demonstrating adaptability and resilience while striving to secure the best outcomes possible. With his enthusiasm and genuine commitment, Liam is poised to make a lasting impact, one smiling face at a time.