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Sarah Arnold

Licensee Salesperson

Sarah Arnold, a dynamic professional with a rich background, hails originally from the UK. Her career has been marked by a dedication to customer service, evident in her tenure with prestigious organisations such as British Airways and serving as a Police Officer in the bustling city of London.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship, Sarah, alongside her husband, ventured into owning a business in Wellington. Their entrepreneurial spirit thrived, and over the years, they have successfully bought, sold, and renovated numerous properties both in the UK and New Zealand. This hands-on experience honed Sarah's keen eye for real estate opportunities and instilled in her a deep understanding of the property market.

A pivotal chapter in Sarah's career unfolded during her seven-year stint in the UK real estate sector. Her passion for connecting with people and helping them achieve their property dreams became the driving force behind her success. Recently, Sarah brought her expertise to the vibrant real estate scene in Waikato, achieving remarkable success and contributing significantly to the industry.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Sarah finds joy in various activities. Her love for fun is reflected in her hobbies, including walking up and around the mount, running, and engaging in social activities. Family holds a special place in her heart, evident in the time she dedicates to her husband and four grown-up children.

Sarah Arnold is more than a seasoned professional; she is a passionate individual who not only excels in the real estate realm but also values the importance of family, fun, and community. Her journey from customer service and law enforcement to entrepreneurship and real estate paints a picture of a multifaceted personality, dedicated to helping others and making a positive impact in every endeavor.

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