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Property Management

Ray White is committed to reshaping property management standards in New Zealand and changing the perception of who we are and what we do, so we’re rolling out three core pillars across our network to do just that.

These pillars are designed to give landlords and tenants the service they deserve and help them tell the good from the bad – particularly in an industry where no rules, standards, or requirements currently exist.

Creating a more educated, responsible, and flexible environment for New Zealand landlords and tenants is entirely possible and it’s what our customers deserve – so it’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our nationwide network of 22,000+ properties and 197 offices provides our customers with a proven track record, local expertise, and property management experience in almost every corner of the country.

We’re responsible for the care of a significant value of both people and property, and we take this responsibility seriously. This is our baseline, a new standard in property management to protect our customers and engage with more.

It’s an industry-leading standard that few others can match.