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Property Management

What is Property Management?

This is where the owner of the rental property appoints Ray White Bayfair to act as his/her agent and to function, for all intents and purposes, as if we were the Landlord of the premises. We ‘step into the shoes’ of the owner and deal with the day to day running of the property including rent collection, repairs and maintenance and all of those other issues normally associated with the Landlord/Tenant relationship.

We act as a ‘prudent landlord’ in the best interests of the owner, ensuring rental income is maintained and expenditure on repairs or maintenance is administered with due and proper care. At the same time we act as a ‘good landlord’ towards the tenants ensuring that matters of health and safety are promptly dealt with and that we comply with all the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act and other associated legislation.

Our Team

David is the business owner of Ray White Bayfair. He has recently relocated from Auckland back to the Bay after 4 years as the CEO of New Zealand’s largest mortgage broking firms. David manages the Property Management team and with his extensive management experience and past involvement with Property Management, he is the perfect fit for our office. Ray White Bayfair has a team of professional achievers who excel through enthusiasm, determination and a commitment to deliver a superior service, surpassing clients expectations at every opportunity.

David works along side with our four other property managers, Tonya Sarich (Business Manager Porperty Management), Lesley Melhuish, Sharon Campbell, Andrea Watson and Jess Rankin. Steph Roberts assists Tonya and the team and is responsible for all finance and all other administration matters.

David is passionate about the real estate industry so call him or any of the team and find out more about the benefits of dealing with Ray White Bayfair.

Ray White Bayfair’s Property Management team aims:
To bring you exceptional service we increase efficiencies, NOT fees

“Ray White Bayfair uses the latest in Property Management software – REST Professional”
REST Professional. REST Professional is a comprehensive property management and sales trust accounting software solution which efficiently manages residential, holiday and commercial property managements.

This allows us to offer you:
– Comprehensive financial reporting – Accurate and timely rent arrears and review action – Timely Breach of Tenancy action for arrears or general matters – Monthly or twice monthly payments to you the landlord with detailed monthly statements – Efficient inspection programming and timely reporting to you the landlord – Accurate recording of all communication – Electronic works orders, follow up and payment for repairs and  maintenance – Management of bonds – Tenancy Renewal Management – Professional documentation – meeting the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Acts 1986 – Skilled tenant selection, and access to reference data to verify credentials – Management of water rates – Representation at Tenancy Tribunal on your behalf – Comprehensive tenancy commencement and final inspections – including photos

“We see our role in Property Management as partnering with you in making your investment decisions and maximising your wealth from investing in real estate”

Want to know more?

For a copy of our Landlord Information Guide, our Tenant Information Guide or information on methamphetamine or if you just want more information about our Property Management Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below:

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